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Sign Up to Attend the Bar Professors’ Florida Final Review Workshop on July 14th in Naples, Florida.  This Florida Final Review seminar is for first time bar takers, repeat bar takers, foreign educated lawyers and any person looking to improve on Florida’s Part A essay performance. We will put all “the pieces” together for your last 10 days of study time.  Learn strategies for passing the Florida essays!



We, at the MBE & UBE Testing Institute, provide bar exam tutorial services for the following states:  North Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Kansas, West Virginia, Oregon, Arkansas, North Dakota, Iowa, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Illinois, Connecticut, South Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Washington DC, Virgin Islands, Guam, North Marinas, Palau, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Rhode Island and California.


The MBE & UBE Testing Institute is a bar review and tutor company offering bar exam tutors for repeat bar takers, foreign lawyers, all UBE states, the MBE, Florida, North Carolina, California and other states.

This process is based on the Institute's new and innovative discipline for taking the MBE, UBE and state bar exams.  This is based on these important elements:  (1) A thorough understanding of the black letter law; (2) factual reading; (3) legal reasoning; (4) factual analysis; and (5) understanding operative facts necessary to properly interpret and "turn" the fact pattern.  The MBE and UBE Testing Institute's fact based legal curriculum is designed to help all repeat takers increase their scores.

The Institute has used years of data, teaching methods and MBE, UBE and state bar exam trends to plan a program that directly addresses the complexities of the MBE, UBE and state bar exams.  The Program is geared towards the MBE, UBE and state bar exam repeat taker and mistakes made on previous exams.  This allows the repeat taker to readjust and understand his or her mistakes while building the requisite confidence and competence for the exam.


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