Amber H.

University of Florida School of Law

“I just checked the FL bar results online and I passed the exam!!! I should receive my actual score in the mail tomorrow.  Thank you so much for all of your help during the process.  I can’t thank you enough.”​

We have new and extensive 4 volume book sets for the Florida Bar Exam, the UBE and California. These 4 volume sets were written by attorneys and law professors who are experts in Florida, UBE and California law and the Florida, UBE and California bar exams.

If you are having problems passing the bar exam, then this innovative approach is ideal for you. These 4 volume sets focus on most commonly and previously tested areas, frequently tested areas, most likely tested areas, based on trends in the law and on the bar exam. It is the ultimate and complete guide to passing the bar exam.

Our intensive seminars are for first time bar takers, repeat bar takers, foreign educated lawyers and any person looking to improve on the bar exam.  Our seminars are conducted by multiple law professors who are experts in teaching the MBE,  the UBE, Florida, and California bar exams. Contact us for dates and times.

MBE & UBE Testing Institute Bar Exam Review

"Bar Exam Tutors for Repeat Takers for the UBE, MBE, Florida, California, New York and North Carolina Bar Exams"

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute’s Seminars

Our Bar Exam Books Are The Game Changers

Our Professors

All of our professors are experts in teaching the bar exam as well as experienced practitioners.  All of our professors and bar exam tutors are current or former law school professors with litigation experience which translates well for conveying the law to our tutorial clients

Iyanna H.

North Carolina Central University School of Law

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter thanking the MBE & UBE Testing Institute and my talented tutor for assisting me with passing the North Carolina February 2015 bar exam.  Any student, especially a repeat taker that wants to pass the bar needs to work with the MBE & UBE Testing Institute.  After my fourth attempt, you can imagine that my overall confidence was pretty low.  Throughout this whole experience they were nothing but supportive and encouraging.”

                                  Why We Are Different From All Other Bar Review Companies

Our successful repeat bar exam takers consistently tell us how different and effective we are versus the traditional and even non-traditional bar prep courses/tutorials.  Our students state how with our superior knowledge and essay explanation from a “substantive standpoint” has increased their essay scores by 20%.  Most traditional bar review grading and essay feedback is ineffective for “growing” your essays.  We are not an on-line program.

Moreover, we review the bar exam  subject by subject with substantive analysis for content, MBE and state question rule application.  Our students tell us that they are told “only learn the black letter law.”  That is without saying and is only 50% of your preparation.  We, additionally, teach the most important concept “rule application.”

We also cater our program to your schedule, with an one on one learning experience with your law professor.  If you are a busy mom, have family responsibilities, working full time or just starting a new career in the legal profession, we can help.

This creative approach, designed for repeat MBE, UBE, California, Florida, takers by top bar exam professors and experts will help you successfully navigate through the bar exam with our ground breaking one-on-one legal and fact based tutorial program.  Just having a working knowledge of the black letter law is only 50% of the battle.  We will teach you the importance of rule application and factual analysis which is the key to passing the bar exam..

The MBE and UBE Testing Institute's Program offers:

  • Substantive lectures on all subjects
  • MBE, UBE and state bar exam review books
  • Progress reports
  • Daily Schedules
  • One-on-one tutorial with a professor
  • Flexible tutorial sessions

The MBE & UBE Program for "Repeat Takers"