Changing Your Approach For Passing the Bar Exam

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute understand as a repeat bar exam taker, and or a bar exam taker at “high risk” of failing the bar exam (2 or more attempts) and for whom English is their second language, should know passing a bar exam will be difficult.

Moreover, for the above group, traditional bar exam prep courses are unlikely to be an effective study tool.  Statistics prove that.  The materials and books are too voluminous to read or comprehend, the pace is shockingly too fast, no one to explain legal concepts, and most importantly, writing essays and analyzing MBE questions present a special and unique challenge when English is your second language.

We provide that “new approach”.  Don’t use the same approach that produced 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts.  Our approach focuses on innovative thinking combined with a change in preparation for passing the bar exam.


It's Time For You To Pass the Bar Exam!

Our Mission

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute is a online/virtual bar exam and tutor company offering bar exam tutors for all UBE jurisdictions with emphasis on the New York, Washington, D.C., Texas and North Carolina bar exams.  We also offer bar exam tutoring for California and Florida bar exams.  The program is geared towards repeat bar exam takers, LLM students, full-time working students with families, older students,  foreign educated students/lawyers, foreign students for whom English is their second language and MD/JD physicians taking the bar exam while practicing medicine.  The program is designed to address mistakes made on the previous bar exams, therefore, allowing for a readjustment and a better understanding of the law while building the requisite confidence and competence for passing any bar exam. Our dedicated curriculum, and out outstanding bar exam tutors, compounded with experience, knowledge and bar exam results will help you reach your goal of passing the bar exam.


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Our Creative Approach

Our creative approach designed by top bar exam professors and experts will help you successfully navigate through the bar exam with our ground breaking one-on-one legal and fact based bar exam tutorial program.  Just having a working knowledge of the black letter law is only 50% of the battle.  We will teach you the importance of rule application and factual analysis which is the key to passing the bar exam.

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