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Dan P.

Ohio State School of Law


"I am writing to let you kno​w that I did pass the Feb. 2015 Nevada bar exam.  This was the first time that civil procedure was tested so the MBE was more difficult.  My law professor was an excellent teacher and mentor.  He was very focused and really explained the methodology to get to the right answer.  I would highly recommend him to any student who is taking the bar exam.”




Brent C.

Ave Maria School of Law


“I just received my final score.  I needed a 675 out of the 1000 possible points to pass.  I achieved a flat 700 – an increase of approximately eighty-five points (85), I needed an increase of 60 to pass.  I am excited and proud that I was able to close such a gap.  Talk to you soon. PS: I don’t have the breakdown, but my MBE was a 143 – a 14 point jump.”

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